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Posted by Mola Ram ( aka Simon) on October 23, 1997 at 07:25:58:

Does anyone rememeber playing the Indiana Jones and The Temple OF Doom
arcade machine?? If so, can anyone point me in the right
direction of purchasing one. Are they still available?
How much are they? Preferably in England too. ( Coz that's
where I am ). It was my favourite game, complete with the
voice of Mola Ram yelling " KALI MA WILL RULE DA VORLD"
This has probably been mentioned about a million times on this forum
but all the messages are so interesting I'd be here all
day if I read them all!!
By the way has anyone else found the Temple Of Doom CD
hard to find?? I've had it on vinyl for about 3 years, but
found it on Japanese import in Virgin Megastore, San Francisco
a month ago. I was overjoyed!
Anyway, I am very happy I've found some like minded Indy
fans. But I still can't believe that a lot of people believe
The Last Crusade to be better than Temple of Doom! I thought
it was the worst! Anyway, write back.

" A century ago, when the British raided this temple
and butchered my people, a loyal priest hid the last two
stones down here in the catacombs."

" So that's what you've got these slaves digging for huh?
They're innocent children."

" They dig for the gems to support our cause. They also search
for the last two stones. Soon we will have all the five
Sankara stones, and the Thuggees will be all powerful."

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