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As I've said, not everything could get a prize. But that's not to say we felt these other pieces didn't deserve it -- it's just that, for one reason or another, we had to look the other way. And so, I've outlined two of my other favorite entries that deserved special acknowledgement here...

Best Sculpture
Steve Varneke and Joe Dolinich
Medium: sculpted of Roma Plastina (7" wide, 16" high)
This sculpted bust of Harrison Ford clearly has an uncanny resemblance -- so much so, it is eerie. While demonstrating a mastery of skill and talent, this piece really didn't fall under the theme of the contest (it is geared more towards Mr. Ford than to Indy or RAIDERS), but it certainly deserves mention here.

Best Model
H.C. Hyche
Medium: see italicized description

The omission of this piece as a prize winner virtually kept me up at night. Let it be known that I had initially considered awarding Mr. Hyche either the first or second place status in the contest. But after consultation with Micah, and a careful review of Hyche's explanation about the creation of this work, we realized a painful fact: this entry could not qualify for a prize, due to the rules we had established.

Mr. Hyche stated, ... I took the front of a German half-track kit and bonded it with an U.S. troop truck rear. I added an axle and even have the ripped canvas side exposing the crated Ark. Of course the grill is bent, the windshield broken, and the German tough guy is at the wheel. Indy was made from 3 different soldier kits. His jacket from a WWII G.I., legs and pouch from a British infantryman, and his hat was customized from one of those little plastic cowboys we all grew up with...

I commend Mr. Hyche on his superior modelmaking skills, as well as his incredible honesty. Sadly, Micah and I fretted because Mr. Hyche had used other model kits in constructing this piece. However much he may have manipulated them into a whole new original work of his own, Micah and I, as judges, had to uphold the rules -- no matter how much we may have regretted it. Should we sponsor another art contest in the future, this scenario surely has prompted us to re-evalutate the rules we have drafted.

About the model itself, I am at a loss for words. It's stunning, beautiful, intricate, and -- damn, I'll say it -- flawless. Well done, H.C.!

About the Budding Artists Category
Micah and I mutually agreed to do away with the budding artists' category this time around. It was designed to showcase and give special consideration towards younger Indyfans out there. But we had problems: 1.) How could we verify the age of an entrant if they stated that they were under 17? 2.) There were not enough entries in this age group to justify a special category. 3.) We felt that the artwork of an 8 year old shouldn't be compared to that of a 14 year old, or a 14 to 17 year old, etc... In childhood, enormous artistic development is possible even within the course of a single year. Is it fair to judge them all on equal ground? Again, in the event of another art contest, we'll re-evaluate the guidelines so that the younger Indyfans out there might also have cause to be excited... We apologize for the lack of the category this time around, and hope to rectify it in the future.

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