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Posted by Inby from user-uini6ug.dialup.mindspring.com ( on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 at 2:15am :

In Reply to: Closing an old Wested Leather Co. loop.... posted by Michaelson from eeespace208.utsi.edu ( on Monday, April 12, 2004 at 5:57pm :

: ...that began right here on Indyfan in late 1997 through 1998

Yeah, thanks for rubbing it in. The passage of time, that is; why, it seems like yesterday that this place was abuzz like a 1920s Chicago speakeasy, with banter flying between the gearheads/gameheads/NIMheads/et al.heads like an airborne fleet of hurled whiskey?glasses. And even by 'late 1997 through 1998' some of you - and I'm nodding at you, Michaelson and Micah - had long worn a divot into the bar rail and intimidated us youngsters. Yeesh.
I feel somewhat buried in the sand to acknowledge that I've been poking my shnozola into this dive for so long... *creaks*
*feels like that Raven's bar extra guy, you know, the old dude with the weird red pointy hat*
Just thought I'd mention it. I have a funny feeling we'll probably all drop in here to raise the dingus when Harry keels over from old age.
And you guys will STILL be nattering on about sidestraps! :)

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