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Posted by Greg from on April 14, 1998 at 21:52:52:

In Reply to: Whip holder information, though not official... posted by Dale Dassel on April 14, 1998 at 21:07:21:

I have been told by a contact in California that the pants were a cavalry twill worsted wool and the shirt a pima cotton. Of course, colors of these fabrics are going to be in the eyes of the beholder, so it really probably doesn't matter as long as you yourself are happy with the shade, since a case can be made for several shades depending upon the scene, photograph, and movie they came from, etc. I am investigating the possibility of having a custom set made. I spoke to a custom tailor in California whose name I found in a NY Theatrical Supply sourcebook who claims to have done work on the Postman and Demolition Man among other movies and he said that with enough photographs, he could construct a pattern set for me. I will try to keep people here posted if I have any luck with this avenue (or at least in having a pattern set made).

I purchased the Webley .455 replica holster from International Military Antiques and am quite satified that it duplicates rather closely the holster in the Last Crusade. The pistol in LC was indeed a Webley, but I am not so sure of the model commonly reported, since the Mark IV's V's and VI's all had a flat-bottomed grip, and his clearly had the tell-tale bird's head grip. I may have found one that is going to run me about $500 in used condition and will let all know what I think of the match if I buy it. The pistol in Raiders was a modified N-frame Colt (about a 4-inch barrel)-read this in a American Handgunner Magazine several years ago, but he also pulls out a Colt 1911 .45 in the bar fight. The pistol he draws in the brief car chase scene in Temple is probably some Smith and Wesson model, but I am uncertain.

The pants belts are easily obtainable at any Army-Navy surplus store if you have one near you. I am glad that someone found something about whip holders and the gloves, however. Thank you all for the hard work. This is a great source for me as a costume collector. If anyone has any leads on other whip holder info, pants and shirts, or gloves especially, or any other interesting costume item info, I would sincerely appreciate any email correspondence with you. I have found quite a bit of info over the last six years, and have everything accept those items I just listed, so if anyone has any questions I might be of any help answering, please let me know-I am no expert, but I am certain I have authentic items so far (hat, whip, bag, jacket, shoes, etc.). I even have a bonded-bronze replica of the headpiece to the staff of RA I purchased from my friend in California. If anyone is interested in one of these, let me know, I can see if he has any left. It is a very nice replica.

Sincere thanks to everyone,

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