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Posted by Dale Dassel from on April 23, 1998 at 22:46:44:

In Reply to: Re: Wested jacket lining posted by Stephen on April 23, 1998 at 22:38:24:

: : : : : : : can one of you guys help me on one of the posts i left on the wested leather question please?? if any one could help its you guys!!!
: : : : : : : thanks,
: : : : : : : EBO

: : : : : : If you're referring to your post of the 20th, the size you're getting sounds correct to me. I just ordered a size 44, and am 6 ft 1 1/2 in myself, and the jacket I received fits me so well it's scarey. I received the jacket with cotton lining, but because I specifically requested this type, since living here in the south, a silk lining is not all that comfortable, where the cotton breathes. Sounds to me like you're on the right track. One thing I haven't really figured out from the posts is the discussions of the Raiders or LC jacket. I don't recall the LC jacket actually being offered for sale, though I imagine Peter will sell anything you request. I never actually spoke to anyone there, but did all my direct contact via email. Anyway, I believe you're ok size wise regarding your coat. Regards. Michaelson

: : : : : Hey Michaelson, by any chance do you remember which lining was
: : : : : in which movie. I recall that there were two linings: cotton or silk,
: : : : : but I'm not sure which one was the one for Raiders. I asked for the
: : : : : Raiders lining and I got cotton. Silk is that slick, shiny stuff, right?
: : : : : Well, not that it matters- I'm totally happy with my jacket. And I
: : : : : should be getting my Wested certificate and business card in the mail
: : : : : any day now.

: : : : : -Dale

: : : : Dale, I think the silk lining was used in Raiders while the cotton
: : : : lining was used in ToD and LC. However I'm not quite sure about that.
: : : : I have cotton lining in mine and I'd say it's really better. Like
: : : : Michaelson already said silk is not that good when it's hot. Maybe
: : : : they changed the lining in ToD because it wasn't comfortable enough.
: : : : Btw, I recently contacted Mr. Botwright because I didn't recieve a
: : : : certificate with my jacket. Hope I'll get it soon...

: : : : Regards,

: : : : -Max

: : : I agree with Max. I have owned silk lined coats before. They are WONDERFUL coats, but mainly up north for cool weather. Regards. Michaelson

: : Thanks guys!!! So I guess I got the better, "breathable" lining.
: : Of course it is sort of difficult to get the jacket on over my Indy shirt
: : because they're both cotton and they grab each other. I have to pinch
: : the sleeve in my hand when I put my arm into the jacket sleeves or it
: : will just slide up my arm. It's a pain, but they sure look good when
: : they're on. I mean it- this shirt is about as close as you can get!!!

: : -Dale

: I raised the point in an earlier post that I cannot tell there is
: any differnece in the linings between movies. Peter's post in
: X Marks the Spot says he is using the original specs and my jacket
: lining, like everyone else who has posted, is cotton. Can anyone
: tell me where they saw a silk lining? My suspicion is the silk
: lining is a rumor. What say ye?

: Stephen

I have heard with mine own ears from Botwright of Wested that
ye may have ye choice of linings: cotton or silk. Ye may not be deceived
by the maker of jackets...

-Sir Dale

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