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Posted by The Dentman on December 02, 1997 at 21:55:48:

In Reply to: Re: New Raiders question posted by Michaelson on December 02, 1997 at 12:46:37:

: Good points, but wouldn't an extremely heavy stone (based upon Indy's efforts) dropping from a wall to land a couple of inches from you probably wake, or for that fact, sober one up in very short course? And yes, I'm sorry you'll have to watch the movie again, but the things we do for research!! Hang tough. Regards.

Well, I watched it again tonight... ahh. I'm feelin' goood. But yeah, I saw the guy in question. I also heard the stone drop, and although it's heavy, it sounded to me like it landed in some soft ground, which muffled the thud. Drop a cinder block on your lawn, and it'll much quieter than on concrete.

Besides, I've been to parties and seen my friends reach blood alcohol levels of legendary proportions -- well, you've seen the drinking contest in Raiders. Anyway, loud speakers, floor vibrating, people yelling at each other over the music, and my friend never moved a muscle. I know it's not altogether normal, but it is scientifically possible (yeesh, I hope my friends never find out how I describe their drinking habits -- it would only encourage them ).

Final analysis? Let lying dogs sleep it off. Your mystery man was, in my opinion, too partied out to notice anything right then. Who knows? Maybe he was one of Sallah's men, and was so depressed after seeing Indy buried alive in that tomb, that he drank the night away. Either that, or he finally realized he helped the Nazis get the Ark of the Covenant. Maybe both, which would really drive a guy to drink.

Hope that helps. -- The Dentman

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