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Posted by Max Schulte from on May 28, 1998 at 05:42:38:

In Reply to: Re: Help!! Indy shoulder bag info needed! posted by Laurie Jensen on May 27, 1998 at 21:52:53:

: :
: : : Hi, there, I really could use some of the boards input regarding the Indy shoulder bag.

: : : I have a line on a possible Indy bag in unissued shape from a collector here in the U.S. The problem is that I'm unsure that the bag in question is an authentic Mark VII. The bag was described as a WW2 British gas mask bag, green canvas, dated 1945. Sounds good, I know, but when I emailed back for the written contents of the bag it said this: Light 11 J.H.& Co (W) LTD 3/1945. All of the other bags I've heard of have had at least the VII marked in the bag. Is this really a Mark VII or were there other gas mask bags produced by the British at this time? Does anyone else have the bag with similiar markings, or are all your bags labelled Mark VII? Any help would sure be appreciated.

: : Hi Laurie, What you might want to do is try e-mailing a photo of the
: : bag to the collector so they can confirm that it is the bag you want. Max Schulte posted two really good pictures of the bag a couple weeks ago on the forum. It does sound like it could be the Mark VII bag.. I have two of the bags, one is labeled
: : "J.M & Co.(W) LTD 1942 MARK VII" along with a serial number.
: : The second is a later issue with only the serial number printed on the inside flap. The newer one has some minor differences in the strap, strap attachments, snaps and drainage holes. Its also a little darker green but other than that the bag is the same design.
: :
: : Good luck and hope this helps.

: : Dan

: Thanks for answering Dan. I hope that I don't sound stupid, but how do you e-mail a photo from the web to another person? Do you need a scanner (we don't have one yet)? It sounds like a Mark VII and the price is great, but I want to be sure before I spend any money for it. Could you give me an idea on how to send a picture?

: Once again, thanks for any help.

Hi Laurie,

Like Dan already said, you should definitely email thr photos to this
guy. You'll have to download the pictures first and send them via
attachment. If you need some help how to do this, please tell me which
browser you use (Netscape, Internet Explorer).
You can find the pictures and some other information about the bag
here: ""
I made this website together with Mike Davis, another regular visitor
of this forum. You'll also find some information regarding the leather
strap which was added to the bag (you probably know that the original
pouch comes with a fat cotton strap).

You could also send the above address to the guy who sells the bag so that
he can see what exactly you want. I'm a little bit conceerned as the
Indy bag, the original MKVII, was only produced between 1940-43. I'm
not quite sure if the bag you described is the actual MkVII.

Another thing: It could also be that the bag is a Canadian
'reproduction'. Bags based on the MKVII gas mask bag were also made for
the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII. However, the color of the
Canadian bags is a little more yellowish (Some kind of mustard yellow).
Maybe the guy who offers the bag thought it was a British bag as the
two versions are really very similar.

Anyway, you should definitely contact him again. Maybe he can measure
the size of the bag so we can see compare them to an Indy bag. By the
way, my bag is labeled "VII, W&G Ltd., S 1943".

If you have some further question - just post a message to the forum
or email me...


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