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Posted by Michaelson from on June 01, 1998 at 13:35:01:

In Reply to: Re: Mark VII Bag? posted by Max Schulte on June 01, 1998 at 13:15:44:

: :
: : : : I know we pretty much covered this topic, however I have a question about one of the variations concerning the attachment loop holding the metal rings to the bag. So far I have found both a canvas and a cotton webbing versions for the 1942 bags in the past. I was wondering if any other collectors, knew what the deal is on this variation, and which might be more accurate to the Indy Trilogy. The main reason I am asking is, I found one Mark VII bag with the
: : : : " VII W & G 1932 LTD 1942" printing, like the one sold at the Indiana Jones Butterfeild auction a few years back. It has the cotton webbing ring attachment, but I was under the impression they were canvas. I know, I am obsessed with minor details , but I would appreciate any input.

: : : : Thanks

: : : : Dan

: : : In my opinion the 'original' attachment loop was cotton. Just watch
: : : the bridge scenes again in ToD. You can see the light, yellowish green
: : : cotton loops very well, especially during the scene when Indy and
: : : Mola Ram are hanging at the bridge. I have got the "VII W & G 1932 LTD
: : : 1943" version and it has cotton loops as well. And like you said the
: : : 1942 model carried in ToD had cotton loops instead of canvas.

: : : I'd appreciate any more information about the loops as they weren't
: : : mentioned before...

: : : Regards,
: : : -Max

: : : PS: By the way, Dan, has this Mark Allen guy a website???

: :
: : Thanks Max, After I posted this message last night, I went back and rechecked a bunch of sources. The fight on the tank in the Last Crusade, provided some good shots of the bag. Indeed there were the cotton loops. What threw me is that I have a couple photos from the ToD and the Last Crusade that show the bag with the canvas loops. They must have used both during production.

: : Mark’s web site is

: : Dan

: Excellent! Thanks for the Mark-Allen-Link. I wanted to check out the
: reproductions of the Indiana Jones style whip he makes/imports. Well,
: I'm certainly no whip expert but I think there are slight differences
: between the David Morgan one and the one of Mark Allen. Maybe the photo
: or the bad b&w scan made the handle look thinner. The whip in it's whole
: looks a little bit thinner and 'cheaper'. What do you say? I only hope
: that I didn't waste my hard earned money on the Dave Morgan model and
: would have gone better with the Mark Allen. I also checked out the whip
: holsters: There were no photos indeed and there was no useful
: description so I'm also unsure if they are Indy-authentic.

: Oh yes, nearly forgot the topic - regarding the shoulder bag: I never
: saw any canvas loops in the movies but I'm quite sure that the changes
: you recall are similar to other ones discussed here. They kept on using
: different props in the movies. I remember posts about a hat that changes
: it's shape, one more drainage hole appeared in the bag and one thing
: that was really interesting (at least for me) was the disussion about
: the double buckle on the strap. I'm still pretty sure that there was
: only one buckle on it. At least I didn't notice another one during the
: market place fight scenes.
: Anyway, pretty good question concerning the strap ring loops.

: Regards,
: -Max
Max, you can order a catalog from the Mark Allen company. It has quite a few interesting things regarding whips, and they do sell a very nice Australian import that comes very close. But I would not feel to bad about your Morgan order. You have ordered the original whip and best of the group. Why settle for an "almost" ? You're sitting in an enviable position....waiting for a new David Morgan whip, and it's the real thing! I would still suggest getting the Mark Allen catalog. It still has some good stuff in it. Regards. Michaelson

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