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Posted by Aaron from on July 07, 1998 at 17:27:00:

In Reply to: More crap about the forum novel posted by Mack on July 07, 1998 at 12:29:21:

: I've just read what was added to the forum novel since I left. I think I'm beggining to see a problem. So far the novel has barely been able to maintain coherency. With the 5 or so writers (myself included) adding to the story on a somewhat regular basis, each one adds their own levity to it. Each one expects the plot to go in the direction they had created, but then the next writer takes it someplace else and then expects THAT plot to be followed and so forth. I remembr my original idea was to have the dragon be a mysterious artifact brought in by Spanish missionaries (they were evil, trust me) and used it to maintain control over the local tribes. In the last chapter, this was scrapped. I thought my idea was very good because a: We still didn't know the true origin of the dragon which still allowed room for levity, and b: because it can somewhat fit in real world history. Many missionaries at the time of the conquest were ruthless in the acquisition of assimilated natives. The idea of a mission using a golden idol of somesort to keep the natives in line is not totally overblown.

: But now this plot is destroyed. And I don't know if anyone is going to follow the Chinese communist idea someone tried to introduce earlier. And one more thing, let's try not to introduce new, previously unheard of important pieces of evidence. That scirmish into England proves my point of low coherency. Let's also try to keep the story in one continent now. Not England, mind you, but back in South America. The introduction of Dark Destroyers or Chinese Communists or whoever the hell they were supposed to be in England just didn't make sense. I know this is just another case of me sounding like I want to dictate the forum novel, but no one has to follow my advice. I just think it would be the best thing to do is all.

: Mack

Yeah, I think "crap" is the proper word! I mean, I was out of line with suggesting the way the plot should go, but I said so at the end of the post! Now, I don't think you're attacking me personally, or any of the writers, for that matter. But you see, what makes the novel so interesting is that you DON'T know where the next author is going to take it! That's why "suggestions" for a plot are just suggestions, and not cast in stone! We're merely throwing ideas out there! That's part of the fun, trying to steer the plot back to your ideas, only to have that attempt deflected by the next writer! I mean, writing the Forum Novel is an adventure in itself!

Jeez, Mack--I don't know about you, but I think the novel has never seen better days!

Oh, and one more thing--"try to keep the story in one continent"? "Let's try not to introduce no pieces of evidence"? Oh yeah, JUST LIKE IN THE INDY MOVIES!


Sorry for flaming but...JEEZ!

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