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Posted by auryn from on July 14, 1998 at 11:22:28:

In Reply to: Re: I agree to some extent. . . posted by Aragorn on July 04, 1998 at 21:43:48:

: They couldn't rehash the storyline of an earlier novel any more than they could totally recycle a plot from a "Young Indy" episode. It's established canon.

But is it ~really~ established canon? The timeline is entirely screwed up when it comes to the books and the show. Peril at Delphi-after the prologue- begins in Chicago 1920! It starts off in approximately May/June of that year-with Indy graduating from college. The show has Indy just finishing his sophomore year in college at this point and on his way to New York for the summer. In the books, Indy studied linguistics and later changed his field to archaelogy after Dorian convinced him of it. On the show, he majors in archaeology at the University of Chicago. The thing about Indy is that the character itself ~is~ being made up as they go. The Rob MacGregor Indy I think is actaully about two years older than the Chronicles Indy. It was okay when the books were being written, but then Lucasfilm seemed to completely disregard the books when writing the television program. Since Lucasfilm has basically stated, not in so many words, that the Chronicles (or Indy as a Young Man, yeah whatever, I hate that title btw) is the "real" Young Indiana Jones, ericao has a point that the books could be used as a feature film-or even as a Young Indy ep if they were to ever make any more. But, if that did happen, it would simply screw everything up even more. Plus, we as Indy fans don't want to see something that we've already read. We don't want Indian Jones and The Lost World now do we? As for the confusion between the books and the tv show, since I do believe that Rob MacGregor's Indy is older, when I'm reading it, I sort of disregard the year that it supposedly took place and imagine Indy as being slightly older.

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