A theory on Grail Lore for you archaeologists

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Posted by The Dentman from hsregn709.sk.sympatico.ca on December 22, 1997 at 22:53:19:

I was just posting something about old Indy dunking his head in a bowl full of Grail water to get his eye back, and I started thinking...

What if, instead of choosing a cup, one just drank straight from the basin?

Argument for the water itself being deadly:
-It was steaming, wasn't it?
-If the trick was in the water, and not the cups, then it's just plain easier to make. Only one thing has to be cursed in this case.
-It's more deadly this way. Take no chances when you're protecting the Grail, right?
-This way, the Grail not only bestows health, but defeats death in doing so. Very symbolic.

Argument for the water being normal water:
-Showing humility by not wanting to choose a cup could be a good thing (penitent...penitent...)
-If it wasn't a natural spring, the water would have been VERY stale.
-Natural springs are great places to build temples, when you're in the desert.
-It's more "trap-like" that way. Someone just asking at the temple doors for a drink would be able to get help -- only true grave robbers like Donovan would get stung.

And I just found the final proof.

If the water was deadly, then Donovan could just pour some of his own water into each faux grail until he hit the right one. Where's the challenge in that?

Oh yeah. I forgot.

Final verdict: Both the water and the fake cups were cursed/poisoned. Why take chances?

Thanks for letting me clear this up for myself.


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