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Posted by Max from mail0.cityweb.de on September 03, 1998 at 14:02:19:

In Reply to: Re: The dye can be fixed...... posted by Michaelson on September 03, 1998 at 08:53:17:

: : Hi everyone in the world of Indy:

: : Greeting from Taipei. I am Indy fan in Taiwan and I do collect every Indy costume. Few days ago I received my shoulder bag's leather strap from the boot shop which called Borden Boots and Leather in MI. But some how the strap's dye continuing comes off and spreads all over my shirt after I connect it to my bag and I have no idea of it. Does anyone know how to do with it ? Please help me to solve it, Thank you very much.

: : Azuma
: : PS. Do you know Borden Boots and Leather changed their price for the strap and whip holster. My friend in LA paid them for US$80 to got 2 straps and 1 whip holder.

: Bummer! About the only thing you can do is to soak the strap in a can or bucket of water and leech out the water soluable dye. Change the water several times over a period of time, probably a couple of days until the water is clear. Allow the strap to air dry, then you'll want to give it a good leather dressing to put moisture back into the leather fibers. I'm not sure what available in your part of the world, but there should be something available to do the job. You strap will take on a lighter color, but won't pass onto your clothing anymore. If you want to make it darker, use a color fast leather polish, such as a good paste shoe polish with lanolyn to seal and darken the strap. Crummy start, but it's solveable. Good luck. Regards. Michaelson

Yep, sorry to hear that. I agree with Michaelson. Try to get all the
dye out of the leather so that it won't happen again. Let it soak in
in some warm water and sort of wring it out when you change the water.
But keep in mind that the strap will look lighter and probaly rather
distressed after this procedure. I did it with my strap and got some
(nice) disstressment.


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