Spiel needs to get on the ball

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Posted by Mack from sdn-ar-001txaustP264.dialsprint.net on September 08, 1998 at 22:14:47:

If your like me, your sick of hearing rumors about Indy 4 and shady quotes from from the people DIRECTLY involved (like Spielberg) that suggests there will be another Indy film by the next millenium. What I want is a press release or an interview or SOMETHING giving DEFFINATE answers on this issue. I want it so bad, I feel as if I can almost comand it to happen with sheer will power (like a Jedi). For the past five years, Spielberg has only done movies concerning deep human issues (save for The Lost World, which ruled) and has been ignoring his roots. He's not famous for a compromised Spanish slave vessel or a German noble who has saved a handfull of Jews from a gascious death. He's famous for bringing childhood dreams to reality, like friendly extra-terrestrials and bringing dinosaurs to life. In our case, he is known better for helping create the most American hero icon to date (Indy). So why is he spending his time with "Memoirs of a Geisha" and ignoring the roots of his fame. I'm not saying I won't like Geisha. I'll probablly watch it and enjoy it, but I'd rather see the next Indy movie first, and I'm sure a lot of Spielberg fans will back me on that.

I'm sorry. I'm just bitching because of severe Indy withdrawl. Having seen the old movies and having obssessed over the details of them, I need something fresh and new. And soon. I'm JONSE'n for an Indy fix. (Pun deliberate)

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