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Posted by Michaelson from on September 25, 1998 at 07:22:48:

In Reply to: Re: Tom Selleck and the Adventure role posted by Major Paul on September 25, 1998 at 00:55:10:

: : : : : If nobody knows this, back before Raiders of the Lost Ark went into production, Tom Selleck was supposed to be Indiana Jones. He was so close to becoming him that they even made storyboards with Selleck in them!'s hard to believe! But it turns out that he was too busy with a t.v. show to do it (thank god!) And also it's kind of funny now that this evil plot line with Selleck playing his brother has shown up.
: : : : : Well here's the question....what do you think would have happened if Selleck was Indy or do you think it should have been Selleck from the begining. Do you think he could have done a better job?
: : : : : I think NOT. Ford is Indiana Jones, and he was the best pick Spielberg could have ever made!

: : : : Scarier yet, Kris Kristopherson (sp?) was actually on the short list too. Can you imagine HIM? I would have enjoyed Selleck, but it definately wouldn't have been the hit of Ford's, simply because we KNEW who Selleck was at the time, Magnum. When I saw Raiders for the first time, I actually did not recognize Ford until my sister leaned over and told me he was the one in Star Wars. He really wasn't that recognized yet in 1981, even though his star was climbing fast. Selleck was at the top of his field on TV, and therefore was already pretty typecast in the Magnum part. I've seen him in later productions, and since he's distanced himself years wise from the Magnum, we have been able to see him more as the excellent actor he really is, and not as Magnum. No, I agree, Ford was at the right place in the right time. Regards. Michaelson

: : : I agree!! Kristofferson would have been totaly wrong for the part I dont know why I generaly dont like him but I hate mos of his movies. But I do lik most of Sellecks movies and his style of acting is closer to the Indy charater.
: : : Gary

: : this is common information, maybe its just that we are so use to ford in the role, but i couldn't imagine anyone else in that jacket. it's a good thing tom selleck never played indy. how would indy be portrayed now after selleck played in the hit movie In and Out. everyone would loose interest after seeing our hero indy as a gay journalist. no offense to anyone. please don't take this post in the wrong way, coli

: : Jones is Ford and there's not much that will change that. But Selleck did turn in a pretty good performance as an adventurer in a little known movie called, "High Road to China". It had him playing a mercenary type ex-WWI pilot, wearing leathers and helping a young lady. Not a bad effort or story. -MP

High Road to China was Selleck's consolation movie for his loss of the Raiders part. It was well done, and I remember thinking at the time that it was the first part we'd ever seen him as something other than Magnum, though that character still emerged in the character from time to time. His later work proved, though, that he was capable of completely divorcing himself from that character. Look at his more recent westerns, such as Quigley Down Under or Last Stand at Powder River. He has become a versatile actor. High Road to China was the spring board for his big screen career, to my thinking. Regards. Michaelson

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