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Posted by HF605 from on October 29, 1998 at 21:47:38:

I just read about the cut scenes in Last Crusade. I was looking through the pictures on the web and found on of Indy lying on the floor of the cave where they found the grail. On him was a rather large turantula and the picture was quoted at "to many spiders." I know this was from crusade becasue he had the scratch marks on his face from the tank fight. You know where he had his face held against the tred. I never saw this scene in the movie and was wondering if it got cut. One last question, did Indy only where that tie for formal looks or was it part of his clothing. What I am referring to is the part where Elsa and he enter the castle. My grandpa said, "Oh yeah. Indy has had that look for awhile." Did I miss something or is my grandpa really senile?

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