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Posted by Mike Davis from on October 29, 1998 at 22:47:17:

In Reply to: To Jeff and entire forum, a response posted by Michaelson on October 29, 1998 at 18:30:13:

: : : Would those who stand against rude behavior in this forum please respond to this message with the agreement not to tolerate childish and hurtful criticism. This forum is one of the best. I enjoy coming here and communicating with people from all walks of life about a very fun topic. I cannot understand unprovoked, antagonistic behavior from anyone in this forum. No need to stand counted with the enemy of everything that the Grail stands for...

: : : All those who will pledge against abusive communication in this forum please post 'I' followed by your name.

: : : Thanks to all those who remain civilized, and who add to this multi-faceted forum in a positive way.

: : : I pledge to do the same.

: : : --nitzsche

: : Okay Okay, but just tell Michaelson to TRY not to be such a snob.
: : Groo-Regars,
: : Jeff

: Jeff, apparently you have misread my replies, and have totally misread my intentions regarding my reponses. I don't have a snobbish bone in my body, and if my responses have seemed to show such, please accept my apologies. I have been a student of history and movie information for over 30+ years, and do have a professional background regarding much of what I write about. I will cease my responses directly on the forum regarding direct questions if it is creating such a furor on the forum. This has NEVER been my intent since the forum began well over a year ago. I anyone has any questions regarding anything you think I may help with, please don't hesitate to contact me directly by my email address, as several of you have done. I personally am getting quite tired of being attacked by people who seem to think I have an agenda here. Regards. Michaelson

I must personally stand up for you here -- I frequently read many of your responses to questions that are posted on the forum. Not only have you been kind enough to respond to the SAME questions that have been asked by new users who come on the forum (I should know, 'cause I was one of them) but you have always responded professionally and curtiously. Your knowledge is valued here, and I know that many of the forum users appreciate your posts... I know I do.

Far be it for me to attack anyone, however the post referring to Michaelson as being 'snobbish' or any post that has indicated that Michaelson has an agenda of some kind are completely ridiculous. I am glad that he takes the time to submit complete and insightful posts on Indy related subjects. I have personally spoken to him about Indy items and he has been extremely helpful and instrumental in the completion of the Indy's Diggs site. Michaelson, the forum benefits from your input, and I encourage you to ignore the 'delusions of grandure' that seem to think you are a covert spy with an agenda. I'm in your corner, and for those who seem to question Michaelson, c'mon, knock it off and leave the forum to Indy fans who are here to talk all things Indy.

Regards With Concern,

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