No more news from SPAA '98

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Posted by Rik Duel from on November 06, 1998 at 21:36:02:

Sorry guys, but George and Rick McCallum were supposed to have been talking at the final conference session this afternoon, enticingly called, "Secrets & Lies", but we received word early in the day that George wouldn't be able to attend, and then while Laura Ziskin was sharing her anecdotes, Rick McCallum left without even having said a word. They later revealed that he'd "taken ill". I hope he hadn't drank the water.

But like I say. No more news.

And I've got to reiterate. I was there, and George said "there MAY be another one." and he emphasised that "MAY". I'm as disappointed as anyone, but I kind of get the feeling that he's not holding out too much hope that they'll get it together.

I'm not saying give up hope. In fact, try and spread the word. We need people to get excited about Indy again. To make it impossible for Lucasfilm to ignore the profitibility of doing Indy IV.

Here's hoping it'll happen (and like the SW prequels, lets hope it happens in Sydney:))


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