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Posted by nitzsche from on November 14, 1998 at 12:47:48:

In Reply to: Re: Jeeze, you guys! posted by ~The Raider~ on November 14, 1998 at 09:08:00:

: Just outta curiosity, how long to you spend analyzing these movies?

: First, I would have to say you're both right. ToD was out of character for Indy, or so the audience thought. After watching Raiders for the first time, then waiting 3 years and then watch ToD, it's easy to forget which came first. The dates may state the difference, but the chronoligcal order of the films kind of screws everything up.

: While I thought ToD is the least done of the films, I do agree that it is an important installment. It's more original (though weaker plotwise) and different. I think we can all figure out that LC was using material recycled from Raiders, but again, the reason for this can become clear if you take the time to analyze the whole situation.

: And I agree with seeing Marion come back, as long as it remains as was previously stated: one of those hero/heroine teams, fighting side by side, and we all know they should get together, but to do so would screw up the whole series, as was stated earlier. Like I have stated before, I would sooner see a new character than have any relationship between the two evolve too deeply.

: As far as I'm concerned, Indy will never marry, regardless of what the books and YIJC say. Marrige is a constrictor, and would tie him down. I just couldn't see Indy trying to take care of his wife while trying to save the world. That's just not Indy.

: ~The Raider

'That's just not Indy' Hmmmm, Lucasfilm seems to think so. Please read my response to these comments you've made in archive 24 entitled 'bone to pick with would-be Indy fans' That about sums up any response I could create fresh right now.


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