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Posted by Laurie Jensen from on November 17, 1998 at 19:17:33:

In Reply to: Re: Need Help From Aussie Fans-Non-Indy Questions posted by RikDuel on November 17, 1998 at 18:31:54:

: Hi Laurie. I'll try and help. Coffee is the sort of thing that I'll rarely buy from McDonald's or Donut King, where I'm sure it's probably much cheaper (maybe a dollar or less), but I'll generally buy coffee at coffee shops, where you sit down and drink coffee and eat cake. There it ranges upward from around 2 dollars to about 3, and it's for Capuccino, or Caffe Latte, or any of these other more "boutique" styles of coffee.

: Coffee is probably not quite as popular here as in the USA. Many people, and this may come from our colonial heritage, still drink tea. In the office in which I work, tea is probably the preferred hot beverage. Local slang is to "sit down and have a cuppa", which is specifically a cup of tea.

: Coffee shops on the other hand are experiencing a tremendous upurge, and have been for the past three or four years. We don't have Starbucks yet, but we have some chains which are pretty close to it.
: Even these still would do a booming trade in tea, I think, but young people are more and more inclined to be coffee drinkers.

: All the prices I'm talking about are Australian Dollars, and I didn't actually go in and price a cup of coffee. I Hope that helps.

: strange forum question...

: Rik

: : Actually, it's my brother who needs the help for a school project. He needs to know the amount of money a cup of coffee costs in Australia (he wants Australian dollars only, no American dollar conversion necessary). Also, he needs a general description of the popularity of coffee in Australia, i.e. popular, not popular, growing in popularity, etc. He's a business major, so this must be some sort of mock proposal on how to market coffee in foreign locals. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

: :
: : Thanks in advance.

: : Laurie

Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, coffee is not exactly an Indy item, but he was desperate for information so I gave it a try. You pretty much confirmed what I've read about coffee popularity in traditionally tea drinking countries. England is having a similiar infusion of coffee houses; I guess it's the Friends influence, since the program is wildly popular in both countries. We had a little incident in a Boston harbor that kind of put the kibosh on tea time in the U.S., but I personally can't stand the stuff.

BTW, I noticed we were both bidding for a certain item on Ebay. Alas, looks like we got outbid by someone else, but maybe we'll be luckier next time.


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