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Posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 08:41:45:

In Reply to: Indiana Jones FYF books - complete lowdown posted by Ultra Seven 21 on August 27, 1997 at 04:29:48:

: Actually, the information given is only half correct. The first run by Ballantine consisted of eleven books, labeled #1-9 and
: 16 and 17 (the gaps were to make room for James Bond, which are even harder to find, but are pretty good nontheless - if you want
: info for those too, just ask). The second major print consisted of only four of
: the books and were NOT released for the Disney ride, but to cash in on the popularity of the author that wrote the particular
: entries: RL Stine, the 'Goosebumps' creator (it's his name put to the cover, not the usual Indy logo).

: The four reprints are easy to find at major books stores still, or can be bought at the Disneyland store. The others need to be
: sought out at used stores or especially a good convention. The only book I am missing is number 6, "IJ and the Legion Of Death".

: The rest of the titles are (and the reprints for Stine are marked *):

: Indiana Jones and the...

: 1. Curse of Horror Island*
: 2. Tresure of Sheba (the most well written)
: 3. Giants of the Silver Tower*
: 4. Eye of the Fates
: 5. Cup of the Vampire (Dracula to be exact, another good one)
: 6. The Legion of Death (can anyone get me a mint copy?)
: 7. The Curse of the Mummy's Crypt* (the worst!!!)
: 8. Dragon of Vengeance (hilariously bad - esp his encounter with Hitler!)
: 9. Gold of Ghengis Kahn
: 16. The Ape Slaves of Howling Island * (better than you'd think - who can resist that title?)
: 17. The Mask of the Elephant (nother funny one).

: Good luck finding them (and if ANYONE can get me a copy of no 6 - I'll...I'll...well, you don't
: wanna know how far I'll go - but post if you got it and are willing to give,sell,trade!!!)
: U7-21

Thanks for the info! Anyway, I have all but the #16 and #17 books, so if anyone else has them and want to sell, let me know!

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