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Posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 20:55:38:

In Reply to: Indy in Comics posted by Bryan on August 27, 1997 at 18:10:06:

: Does anyone know why Dark Horse quit publishing the Indiana Jones comics? Were they selling badly or what? It's a little dissappointing, because some of them were pretty good. What was everyone's favorite comic story (Marvel or Dark Horse)? For me, Fate of Atlantis and Sargasso Pirates from Dark Horse (Spear of Destiny comes in 3rd). By the way, Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny was almost a direct sequel to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It concerned Henry Sr.s woes about letting the Grail get away. It seems that he had a deep rooted desire to take the Grail Knight's place. He and Jr set out in search of the spear that pierced Christ's side at the crucifixion. Interesting story. The artwork was done very well.
: I also liked some of the Marvel stories. Crystal Death in issues 7 and 8 was good. Also #3 about the fountain of youth was good also. Fourth Nail (somewhere @ 10 and 11 or 11 &12). Check them out. I think I got those issue numbers close.

I plan to post a summary of ALL OF THE INDY COMICS within a month or so, with each storyline,'s gonna take me time, because it's quite a task.

I actually liked many issues of the MARVEL series even more than the DARK HORSE series (though the latter has, on the whole, better artwork and presentation). I found that as the MARVEL series started to take shape (particularly after Marion came back in issue #6 -- a result of popular demand by the readers) the writing became very strong, focussing on a great deal on character development.

For some reason to me, the DARK HORSE series -- while capturing the ambition and scope of the films -- lack an emotional core. They never really take Indy anywhere psychologically. And many of the action scenes are confusingly designed in the page layout. As far as the style and art are concerned, SHRINE OF THE SEA DEVIL -- a short adventure putting Indy at sea -- is the best: it features darker, earth tone colors and a wonderful '30s movie serial feel. FATE OF ATLANTIS, while ambitious and the most popular of the comics, is a letdown for a variety of reasons: the action is too chaotic, there's no structure, Indy is given little to do, and the colors are far too bright and intense...NOT keeping in the worn, earthy feel of the time period.

THE FOURTH NAIL (MARVEL issues #11 & 12) was actually the FIRST INDY comic I picked up, and it was pretty good. CRYSTAL DEATH (an earlier story) was well done, too. But issue #13 (or 14?) -- a single story issue called "DEMONS", involving an old crusty janitor at the college museum who is possessed by an ancient relic -- was VERY well written. It really had a nice interplay between Indy and MArion...a really nice romantic touch Marvel developed well.

Marion was for a long time a reoccurring character, and the series gave her a lot of nice things to do. Marcus Brody was also regularly back...Sallah, in a few issues...

Other movie characters the MARVEL series brought back: Captain Katanga, Jock the pilot, TEMPLE OF DOOM'S Short Round and Lao Che (one issue only)...

Even Toht's little sister played a particularly NASTY villianess for a storyline or two...

Willie Scott was NEVER brough back, surprisingly.

Unfortunately, after about two years, the MARVEL series started to hit a lowpoint. Sales dwindled, and the storylines and artwork became worse...the last few issues were pretty sorry stuff.

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