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Posted by Ultra Seven 21 on August 28, 1997 at 03:12:01:

In Reply to: Re: Indy in Comics posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 20:55:38:

I wrote up a zine a coupla' years ago and handed it out to my freinds at christmas (not that any of them really were into it) and it detailed and reviewed ALL of Indy's adventures (to that point, there hasn't been a significant amount to update with). My reviews pretty much went like this concerning the comics - The majority of Marvel issues are so bad that I could only rate the enitire series with a (1 star) rating (out of four). The Dark Horse Series I reviewed by the individual titles.

There are few exceptions to the Marvels, and even the best of thier stories were pretty funky. (Remember "Dargon By The Tail"? This is by far the worst idea for an Indiana Jones story ever!!!). The art wobbled back and forth (I like Kerry Gammill's art best, then Herb Trimpe (his issue about Indy as a stuntman - sound familiar? - on that tropical island I felt was the best issue of all of Marvels books. This IS, I concede, easily debatable, but Marvel barely exceeded such rich levels of humor and excitement). I do recall "Demons" being a very finely done story - but Indy is about Adventure, and this story lacked it (the issue with Marion's Nightclub was more the ticket). For the most part, Marvels issues sucked. I don't remember Lao Che's appearance though (or was it the same issue where SR appeared?). It's funny - the editor in the letters colums swears up and down that Willie made an appearance, but she never does!

As for Dark Horse - plenty of their series was good. The best I thought was "Thunder in the Orient". It is Indy's most epic adventure, and the key word is ADVENTURE, at six issues the book was loaded! The only sadness is the change of art chores on the last issue and the anti-climactic 'Standard Indy' ending. The worst of Dark Horse's books is easily "Iron Pheonix". This one is very nearly incomprehensible! What does make sense are parts that are just plain stupid. It credits the story being created by LucasArts for a game, but what happened to that (no doubt it would have been a lot better)!

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