Star Wars is ruining Indiana Jones

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Posted by MIKE on August 30, 1997 at 01:57:01:

I think that the Star Wars trilogy is shafting us Indy fans. Here are some examples.

A. LucasArts has barely done any Indy games over the past 5 years but yet there are Star Wars games constantly coming out. Even though Fate of Atlantis was one of their most popular games. Everyone over there seems to be too busy to make an Indy game because they have to work on nothing but Star Wars.

B. There is not an Indy trilogy in THX on laser or tape, heck there isn't even a widescreen versions available on tape (one of the many reasons I got a laser disk player)

C. What did Lucasfilm do to celebrate the 10th anniverery of Raiders? Nothing, no merchandise, no rerelease on video or anything. But for Star Wars, they do tons of stuff to celebrate.

D. What did Lucasfim do to celebrate the 15th anniversery of Raiders? See above.

E. Indy IV is not being made yet, thanks to Star Wars. By the time they can do Indy IV Harrison Ford will be to old.

F. Anybody see the Temple of Doom soundtrack? I bet no one has any trouble finding any Star Wars soundtrack.

G. The next Indy book will be the last. And out of all of those not a single hardcover, unlike a certain space trilogy.

H. Seen any Young Indy videos in the stores? I'm sure you can find all those Droids and Ewok cartoons in the stores.

These are just out of the tip of my head. I'm sure I can think of other things but I think I made my point.

I want to make it clear that I don't hate the Star Wars films. I love the films. But I love the Indy trilogy so much more and it seems that Indy fans are getting the shaft. I know Star Wars is more popular than Indy but my god, they can do more with Indy than what they do now. I see more stuff for aliens and Predator than Indy and those films made much less money than the Indy trilogy

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