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Posted by Deirdre on September 04, 1997 at 16:35:20:

In Reply to: Grave robbing posted by Indy Magnoli on September 04, 1997 at 08:47:25:

: : : I disagree. I really don't like the original title "Raiders" because it certifies Indy as a pothunter and graverobber, which he's not.

Yes, but Indy is NOT the only one in search for the Lost Covenant. He must also go up against Belloq and the Nazi's who are also "raiders".

: : : -Indy

: : Indy *is* a graverobber - part-time, at least. If you know anything about the original idea of Indy, he was supposed to be a "mild-mannered"
: : archaeologist while teaching and a treasure-hunter/tomb-raider/field man the other half of the time. This was the essence of "Raiders".

: If Indy is a graverobber, than he's no better than Belloq, the Nazis, or anyone else for that matter. Ford takes his character very seriously; if he decides to give Indy the appearance of a grave robber, than Indy is not the "good guy!"

: -Indy

Yes, but without "grave-robbing" we would never know about such great civilizations that came before us. I mean, when workers are putting in a dam or road, they don't care if they destroy an ancient burial ground. There just doing their jobs. And who knows how many artifacts are lost. I know... I've seen one destoryed, because some people wanted the land to be flooded so that they could have a new dam put in.

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