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Posted by Aaron on September 04, 1997 at 17:21:25:

In Reply to: Re: Grave robbing posted by Deirdre on September 04, 1997 at 16:35:20:

: : : : I disagree. I really don't like the original title "Raiders" because it certifies Indy as a pothunter and graverobber, which he's not.

: Yes, but Indy is NOT the only one in search for the Lost Covenant. He must also go up against Belloq and the Nazi's who are also "raiders".

: : : : -Indy

: : : Indy *is* a graverobber - part-time, at least. If you know anything about the original idea of Indy, he was supposed to be a "mild-mannered"
: : : archaeologist while teaching and a treasure-hunter/tomb-raider/field man the other half of the time. This was the essence of "Raiders".

: : If Indy is a graverobber, than he's no better than Belloq, the Nazis, or anyone else for that matter. Ford takes his character very seriously; if he decides to give Indy the appearance of a grave robber, than Indy is not the "good guy!"

: : -Indy

: Yes, but without "grave-robbing" we would never know about such great civilizations that came before us. I mean, when workers are putting in a dam or road, they don't care if they destroy an ancient burial ground. There just doing their jobs. And who knows how many artifacts are lost. I know... I've seen one destoryed, because some people wanted the land to be flooded so that they could have a new dam put in.

I'd have to go with Deirdre, besides "grave robber" is just a term used by people who don't appreciate archaeology.


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