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Posted by Aaron on September 17, 1997 at 15:32:43:

In Reply to: Re: Games Games Games posted by Glen on September 16, 1997 at 08:15:37:

: Okay, glad to see I got everyone's attention. I'm going to take a small poll if you will.
: 1) What kind of Indy game do you like(for ex: RPG, adventure, scrolling, and so on), and why?(Hehe, didn't you just hate it when the teacher always asked why after a question on a test???)

All of them combined would SOUND like the best idea, but really, that's what they tried to do with Desktop Adventures that made it fun yet boring. I never have been much of an RPG fan--I mean the video/computer kind, the WEG kind are great! No, I'd probably like to see an adventure-based side scroller or something like that. Count my RPG-bashing--[ sorry, role players :) ] as the "why"--also, I just like the classic feel of side-scrollers.

: 2) Any ideas for a good storyline?

Actually, I have several, many of which I have dreamed of commiting to written fan-fiction. Being able to incorporate them into a game would be even better. In a nutshell:

A) Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Mummy's Eye--I am working on this as fan-fiction already, and would probably be too much like the C64 TOD game. But, hey, who knows? It's got a bunch of Thuggee temple scenes, only taking place in the desert a ways outside of Cairo! Has Sallah, and, later, Shorty and Shanghai!

B) Indiana Jones and the Portals of Peril--ancient portals--maybe originating in Greece, I'm not sure yet--pop up "randomly" all over the globe every, oh, 500 years or something. The next date is in 3 weeks and Indy goes off in search of them for one reason or another. Basic globe-trotting, NAZI's-dogging-your-every-step, quest-for-an-artifact adventure. Originally had Sallah an' Cairo in it, too, but can change if necessary.

C) Indiana Jones and the Forth Power [sounds too much like "Fourth Nail"] or Indiana Jones and the Three Rings of _____ [fill in the blank--titles aren't that important at this stage, anyway]--another one with NAZI's, but maybe an ancient brotherhood or something, too. Indy's quest for the famed Three Rings of "?", ancient bracelet-type deals that grant their wearer eternal life, power, everything, bring a gold flute which helps determine the position of the Rings, now scattered across the globe, thieves, and yes, SALLAH! [Phew! That was a little long and hard to read, I'm sure--and to write--but hopefully you can at least get the idea.] Ends with an Indy-esque "temple mini-adventure" in the _________ Mountains.

Post follow-up[s] if interested in these story lines, or maybe you've got improvements, suggestions? They're DEFINETLY welcome!

: 3) Um, any ideas to help at all?

See above. :)

: Actually, I am happy to see a big turn out, and i'm sure with Aaron backing us up, we can't go wrong :)

Thanks for supporting my support-- :) --but really, if it gets us a new Indy game, MY PLEASURE!

:And Micah, about this BASIC thing for the MAC, I'm going to check it out pretty soon, when I can get on again,...

Okay, okay, I'm not Micah, but I did download Chipmunk BASIC and am ready and willing to help out, but first I have to brush up on my's been a while. :)

:...because for now, I do have to go.


: <=Glen=>


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