Why didn't Lucas like Darabont's script?

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Posted by Micah [indyfan.com] on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 3:55pm :

Here's a question ripe for speculation....

I have a conspiracy theory with absolutely no basis in fact. What if the Darabont script breaks with some of the established facts from the Young Indy back story? I'm betting Spielberg doesn't care about any of that in much the same way Lucas dismisses all the novels and side stories in the Star Wars universe.

For example, what if Indy dies. Then, that old guy with the eyepatch would fade from the timeline like Marty McFly while Biff is roughing up his dad. Wait a minute, they already removed that guy from the (partial) Young Indy re-release...

Perhaps Indy settles down, has a family, and George hates where his original 'playboy' character has gone...

Any good theories out there? I want to here them no matter how implausible.


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