Cut scenes in RAIDERS

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Posted by adam from on April 08, 1998 at 12:18:48:

In Reply to: Raiders storyline... posted by raider on April 08, 1998 at 10:54:15:

The sequence in Nepal was originally a minute or two longer, but the scene was drastically cut for time constraints in the final film. The prolonged scene contained the following:
1. Marion reveals that Abner Ravenwood died two years ago in an avalance while digging for Ark relics.
2. Marion briefly describes what her life was like after Abner's death: she made a living by working in the bar -- "and not as the bartendar". The owner of the bar went crazy and left it to her as he was being carried away.
3. Marion -- ever the tough gal -- flirts and teases Indy by asking him to kiss her. He does coldly.

These scenes were actually filmed, but didn't make it to the final cut.

Other scenes that were confirmed to have been filmed but cut include:

An extended conversation between Sallah and Indy on Sallah's porch in Cairo. Sallah explains who Imam is, and he'll be helping to translate the headpiece. In the final cut, Sallah's line was looped from "Perhaps Imam..." to "Perhaps a man..." "...I know can help us."

Of course, some shots of the now-infamously unseen Indy vs. Swordsman fight were done. (Some footage was featured in the "Making of" documentary.)

After Marion's death, a few shots were filmed of Indy and Sallah talking that night. This scene was not completed, however. Indy is still reacting to Marion's death. This was later "added on" and elaborated in the revised dialogue between Indy and Sallah outside of the bar Indy meets Belloq in.

Sallah doing various errands for the Germans while Indy is in the Map Room -- fetching rags, accidentally hitting a soldier with a pan while trying to get him food, etc...

A few more shots were done of Indy and co. digging for the Well of the Souls.

After Indy and Marion are trapped in the Well, a big sequence was filmed that was sadly cut out: The fate of Sallah and his crew. They were originally supposed to be executed by the Nazis. The soldier assigned to the job was played by a young German extra visiting the country at the time. The sequence, more or less, dealt with how this young soldier was unable to kill these men, and eventually Sallah and his crew go free. The "Making of.." book actually shows a photo of Speilberg directing this young actor.

When Indy and Marion are trying to get out of the Well, there's an Arab standing next to the exterior chamber. Just as Indy begins to push the stone out from the wall, the Arab -- superstitiously thinking that ghosts are coming out of the tomb -- faints. And so, for those who look closely, when we see Indy and MArion walking to the airfield, we can still see this Arab unconscious on the ground.

A substantial sequence was cut featuring Indy latching onto the sub with his bulwhip, tying himself to the periscope. The sub ALMOST completely submerges, leaving Indy gasping for air throughout the night.

A brief intro to the finale takes place, where Belloq and the Nazis take the Ark out of a small tent filled with candles, before marching over to the altar.

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