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Posted by INDIANA GJR from ww-te04.proxy.aol.com on May 24, 1998 at 23:58:04:

Lets face it,
Luscas and Speilberg are doing the same thing they did while making Last Crusade. While making last Crusade nothing was said as to what was going on with the movie or if it was even being filmed. It seems like the same senereo only taking place at present. I have been an Indy fan since Raiders came out and the first time i heard posibilities of an Indy 4 was when Harrison was on Barbra Walters. The first "so to say" official news to me on Indy 4 production was on a radio staion which is popular where im from called Z-100"New York station." They said that Indy 4 is official and is in post-production. I have said before and will say it again that Speilberg and Lucas Know what they are doing and im sure Indy 4 will happen. When Indy 4 does happen, i can tell you it will go out with a bang!
later, GJR

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