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Posted by nitzsche from on October 30, 1998 at 16:11:22:

I just visited Ain't-it-cool-news to read the info and consider the feedback from folks, and I became increasingly annoyed. I am SO sick of people who make invalid statements like:

I am the biggest Indy fan...

even though Temple sucked or,

but,YIJCs didn't come close to capturing Indy's character (yet I admit to seeing only part of one episode) or,

and NO ONE but Ford should play Indy (but he's too old now, so George Clooney would be good) or,

but, the novels all suck and aren't up to par with the 6 minute truck chase in Raiders (not to mention Temple not being up to par with the films either) even though I only read the first chapter of Sky Pirates or,

I just ignore the immortal Knight at the end of Last Crusade, or pretend Old Indy doesn't exist, or that Indy was ever a ten year-old kid...he should have been born a scruffy-looking mysterious rogue with a battered hat, scar, and wielding a bullwhip ready for action...

etc., etc., etc. blah, blah, blah

If you are truly a fan of Lucas' imagination, and Spielberg's magic, and Ford's character...

then you walk through thick and thin with that creation, accepting it as the Dogma of Indiana Jones, immovable, without question.

So you liked part of the trilogy, or you're a Harrison Ford fan? Fine.
I like a lot of movies and actors, but don't call myself the ultimate fan of Back to the Future (with the exception of II and III) for example.

If you don't understand the character's (Indy's) motives, or agree with Young Indy's "rights of passage" and personal growth and development (including inferiority and weaknesses), or Old Indy's crotchety attitude, or Harrison Ford's wrinkles...that's OK. But, that doesn't mean that's not how the character should be portrayed, just because you don't like it.

Some people mention 'such-n-such' is not in keeping with the "spirit" of Indy. What is that? Does everyone claim a different point of view on the "spirit" of Indy? Since none of us ARE Indy, we have no control over the destiny of the fact, we may even have personalities which are **INCOMPATIBLE** with the character of Indiana Jones! Think about it.

Now, I know most in this forum are really die-hard fans. Well, I just get annoyed at those who half-heartedly consider the Indy series (meaning anything Indy with Lucasfilm's stamp of approval), and then tell us the way it should have been, or claim that 40% of it sucks...but then "Oh, I'm the biggest fan." --Whatever!

Well, I guess there will be some feedback here.

Thanks for hearing me.


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