Why make Indy 4?

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Posted by Sniper X from cache01-e4a.proxy.ozemail.net on November 09, 1998 at 06:13:18:

Well, obviously, WE all want to see a fourth film. But why are Lucas and co dilly-dallying if they "have" a script. I've been hearing Indy 4 rumours for, jeez, five years now. Names have been bandied about like Jeb Stuart and Jeffrey Boam- "We've got a script...We don't got a script..." bla bla bla-
"Harrison Ford's ready but he's waiting for Spielberg"
"Steven's ready he's waiting for George..."
"George doesn't really care..."
"Harrison's got this idea..."
"George has a script..."
"Steven still has to shoot Jurassic Park's 3 through 9..."

You know, when George first came up with Raiders he told people that he had "four" more stories in the pipeline. Remember the tale about the Chinese Monkey King that was chucked before they settled on the completely disparate Grail plot of Last Crusade? I mean, did Lucas REALLY have five stories worth developing to begin with or what? Why doesn't he just pull one of those winners out of his magic filing cabinet and get it made? Everything I've heard after Last Crusade would indicate that the BIG THREE were finished with the franchise unless an idea appealed to George. Now it looks like these guys are simply missing each other's company which brings me back to the subject of my post...

Why make Indy 4 if only for the purpose of getting time to hang out with your buddies? If a story hasn't jumped up and sunk it's teeth firmly in George's ass, if he doesn't have the PASSION to tell it, then why bother? Last Crusade took two years longer than expected, the big three all getting distracted with wanting to do supposedly more mature material. And when it finally came out... well, I'm probably the only one here who'll say it but I thought it sucked. It was boring, jokey, convoluted and weak.

There. I said it. That's my right.

I DON'T WANT another Last Crusade. If the BIG THREE all REALLY wanted to shoot Indy 4 they'd MAKE they're schedules co-incide. They'd MAKE it happen.

Sure, I would LOVE a new Indy film. If the script is good and if the story is strong. But who gives a shit about Atlantis? More comedy capers with Indy's Pop? NO WAY! Bring back the Monkey King idea, explore mythologies not generally discussed over the dinner table. Do something different for chrissakes! SURPRISE US! I want an Indy movie filled with wonder, suspense and gut-cramping action, with a great RAIDERS style plot and the exhilarating directorial technique of TEMPLE.

But given Spielberg and Ford's script choices of late maybe we're better off bracing ourselves for something like SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS with dinosaurs.

Be afraid.


Sniper X

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