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Posted by Major Paul from on December 02, 1998 at 02:53:02:

I've been noting for some time the discussions on who would be the replacement actor if the decision was ever made to continue the series without Harrison Ford. Brisco, you're a big champion of the actor Bruce Campbell and, I've got to admit, that guy was hilarious in Evil Dead.

My question is not so much related to his suitability to the part but to the movie, Evil Dead. Were there two seperate versions? I'm used to seeing the one where at the end of the movie he returns to his job at SMart and ends up blowing away another witch and proclaiming, "Hail to the King baby!". But here in Korea I saw a strange version off a Hong Kong channel where he goes into a cave, dynamites himself in and has to drink this special sleeping potion so he can wake up in our time. They tell him to only drink 5 drops of the stuff, which he promptly screws up (kind of like the "klatu-veratu-necktie" gag) and drinks too many drops. He wakes up in the future with this huge gray beard, breaks open the seal to the cave, looks out and goes, "Awww, my Gooood!" He's way in the future and that's how the movie ends (kind of sucks). So, have you ever seen this version? Sorry this isn't very Indy related but I've never seen this version before. -MP

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