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Posted by Michaelson from em12_686.utsi.edu on June 23, 1998 at 08:00:58:

In Reply to: Re: sallah the traitor/Alleb Quartermain posted by Alexander Korycinski on June 23, 1998 at 06:14:04:

: :Could't agree more. Both movies are the worst pap I'v ever tried sitting through. The second one must've come out after Temple, because I recall on sequence where Allen and Sharon are in a canoe that gets swept into an underground cave/river. At the terminus is a underground lake with (naturally) a whirlpool in it. For this the film makers thought they'd be smart and tried using what Spieilburg dubbed "Go-motion" amination.

: What Temple achived in the mine-car chase was spectacular. You can tell which shots are animated, but they were done so well you can suspend disbelief.

: When they tried that in Allen Quartermain's flick boating thru the tunnels and getting caught in the whilrpool it looked like stick figures in a kindergarden production. Roger Harryhousen (Roger?) of the 2 Sinbad movies (The Seventh Vovage of... and the Golden Voyage of...) did fantastic work for the time. Interspercing live and animated bits.

: Indy Rocks! Quartermain Rots!

Hold on folks, let's not get to riled here. When the two Quartermain movies, the producers, actors and all ADMITTED it was to be considered a parody of the Indiana Jones movies, which were, at that time, still fresh in the minds of the movie public. They had no plans to usurp the Indy throne, just have fun with the parody. I personally enjoyed both movies, and saw them both in the theaters when they came out. They were just as advertised, totally mindless fun that used Indy as a spring board to parody.
Richard Chamberlin was asked directly on Entertainment Tonight if they planned to parallel the Indy adventure. He stated absolutely, they wanted to do a light comedy with the Indy themes in mind. So watch them with this in mind, not as a comparable adventure, but as the comedies they were intended to be. Regards. Michaelson

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