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Posted by Dale Dassel from on September 08, 1998 at 20:35:32:

In Reply to: Re: Bull Whip prices posted by D.Borton on September 08, 1998 at 19:40:13:

: Hi Dale, good to see you back on the forum. I just wanted to comment on those new David Morgan Bullwhip prices. After reading you note I jumped over to their web site to check out the new prices, talk about a BIG surprise. I have watched his prices on his Indy series climb slowly over the past few years by around $15 dollars every six months or so, but this is by far the biggest increase I have seen. I can only speculate as to why such a big price increase, but I have to agree it is very disappointing. I like the Idea of him offering a 5ft version though. Take care, talk to you later.

: : : : Dan

: : : Well Dale and Dan, I did buy one of the watch lanyards for my pocket watch from Morgan. That's about the extent of my trading with them. Well, at least I finally bought something braided from them. Regards. Michaelson

: : Hi Michaelson and Dan. This is a double response letter. I
: : have purchased four items from David Morgan: my Indiana Jones
: : bullwhip, an autographed copy of Whips and Whipmaking, a 4 foot
: : signal whip, and the Filson Rucksack. Very nice, all-American-
: : made items. I like buying David Morgan stuff, but not if it's
: : going to skyrocket in price. I'm like you Dan, I was completely
: : taken aback and shocked at the high whip prices. As I was walking
: : around my room, examining my new stash of Harrison Ford memorabilia
: : and my Filson bag, I was casually paging through the new Fall/Winter
: : copy of the David Morgan catalog. WOW!!! What a shock!!!! The only
: : other thing I want to buy from them is the $58 St. Brynach's cross
: : sterling silver necklace pendant. It's sweet. And maybe a pair of
: : ultra-sensitive kangaroo leather riding gloves to use for whip
: : practice. P.S.- I can't wait for it to get COLD so I can get some
: : use out of my Wested jacket.

: : -Dale

: Dale, I just received DMís fall catalog today, and sure enough it had the new prices listed as well. What really gets me is that I was thinking about having him make me a 6ft Indy whip for target work later this fall, and here the price goes up some $35.00. I was glad to see the prices of his import whips remained the same. I definitely agree with that last statement about the Jacket too.

: BTW what do you think of that signal whip?

: Dan

Well, the signal whip is pretty slick. It's composed of a
shot bag extending 3/4 of the length of the whip (I have the 4 ft.
model), which makes it heavy. The overlay looks exactly like that
of the bullwhip, and it tapers down to some incredibly fine-braided
thinner strands at the point, where the er is braided into
the whip. It has a nice little knob, like the bullwhip, and is
complete with a wrist loop. I have found it to be incredibly accurate
for close-range target hitting, and it s nicely too, though
with some difficulty until broken in. It's cool, but looking back
on it, I could have done without it. I mean, $85 gone. Oh well,
I'll just be glad that I have another DM whip. I'd like to buy the
6 foot black snake someday. What model of Morgan bullwhip do you
own again? I sort of forgot (Please forgive me!!!).


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