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Posted by Max from on September 24, 1998 at 07:31:40:

In Reply to: Re: Herbert Johnson Fedora help posted by Greg on September 24, 1998 at 06:29:02:

: : : I need some help deciding wether or not to order a hat from Herbert Johnson tired Indy hat is getting too old and quite frankly was a poor copy to begin with.
: : : Now what I need to know is, if everyone who has purchased the Indy model fairly satisfied that this hat is 1)authentic and 2)worth the price? Is it exactly like the hat seen in Raiders, or close enough? I'm very apprehensive about ordering one based on the pictures I've seen, and would appreciate some help/input.
: : : Thanks in advance,
: : : Sean

: :
: : Hi Sean!

: : If you are looking for the real thing (Indy's Hat) Then Herbert
: : JOhnson is the way to go. I recently Ordered one and I was impressed
: : with quality. Everything is the same as the orignal Fedora. The only
: : thing different is the fact that distressed hats were used for the film.
: : The only time that hat appears to be in new condition which looks
: : exactly like the one you will get from Herbert JOhnson is when Indy is
: : in Donavan's apartment In the Last Crusade. Compare them if you like
: : when you get the hat it is the same.

: : Is it worth it? Yes if you want the real thing!
: : Yes the hat from herbert johnson is the orignal so it is indeed authentic.
: : I have spoken proof of this ask for Mr. Richard Swales when you order
: : he will tell all about how he made the hats for the films.

: : I hope this helps!

: : Shannon

: Ditto everything Shannon said. Do be sure to request specifically, however, that you would like the authentic 39mm Dark Brown Petersham ribbon-not the 30mm ribbon which will make it correct to the films. I was told that it would come with this ribbon and it didn't-somebody else prepared the order I think and wasn't aware that I wanted the Poet hat to be in the authentic Indy style. Just tell Mr. Swales that you want the authentic Indy hat and he'll set you up-you can even get initials stamped into the hat band inside which is a nice touch. Be sure to also ask them for a set of sizing pads which are nice things to have in case you're like me and occasionally shave your head-these felt pads slip behind the hat band inside and allow you to wear the hat even after a particularly short haircut. Both the initials and the sizing pads are free of charge. As far as quality, you will think you've never seen anything more beautiful in your life when it arrives (maybe that's just me!). Herbert Johnson hatters ships their hats in what is almost certainly a near-bullet-proof shipping carton, carboard the likes of which I have never seen before-takes a good careful fifteen minutes to pry every heavy duty staple out of the edge of the carton. In short, I have two I liked the first one that much-and having a second one has allowed me to get the first one dirty and not be so careful about it and I have to tell you that it REALLY is the same make and model hat used in the films. And when you buy one of these hats you feel like you are entering a family of sorts-if ever in London and you want your hat cleaned complimentarily, you may do so, and when I told them that they sent me the wrong ribbon on my hat, they simply mailed me off some free of charge. Very pleasant people to do business with!

: Greg

Yes, I can only agree with everything. You can be sure to get the real
thing. The felt is very high quality and can easily be shaped. But be
sure to order it with the correct ribbon as Greg said. Herbert Johnson
exists since 1889 and you can be sure to get a high-quality hat and
like said in the previous post you can be sure to get a lot of
additional service. Also you can have the lining, sweat band and ribbon
exchanged if they look to worn for very little money. Just be sure to
ask for either Mr. Swales (he made the hats for the movies) or
Mr. Guitard (he made the hats for the TV series). I have bought it in
London so I can't really comment on the shipping and packing but I
guess you can be sure to get good service and enough protection for
your hat. Also visit Indy's Diggs for photos and testimonials if you
already haven't.
***So if you want a high-quality, authentic Indy hat Herbert Johnson
is the place to get it.***


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