Theological question...any of you subscribe to a religion different to Christianity (whish I guess is the "hero" religion in Raiders and LC)?

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Posted by The Grey Wanderer from on October 08, 1998 at 21:53:26:

I take and leave some things as far as Christianity. I celebrate Christmas and Easter and all that, but given the choice I wouldn't be a church-goer but for the sense of community. Reincarnation, ghosts, spirits, souls, essences I believe in. Miracles and fate I don't subscribe to. I DO NOT PROMOTE, ENDORSE OR TOLERATE SATANISM OR SUCH EVIL-WORSIPPING. In a nutshell, I think all religions (and for the most part, mythologies) are the same story(ies) told differently. More on that later 'cause it's more philosophical. Anyway, it's nice to have a supreme goodness to rely on when you see these movies, esp. the climaxes. Who doesn't enjoy them? In fact, the end Ark scene in Raiders is what made me an Indy fan. I'm rambling, aren't I?

However, you don't necesarrily have to be Christian to enjoy Indy, or so I'm told? So how 'bout it? Anyone here Jew, Muslim, nah, you wouldn't be Amish, Methodist, Protestant or any of the other branches of religion?

-The Grey Wanderer-

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